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Crocodiles terrorise Motlhabaneng

Life in Motlhabaneng and surrounding cattle posts in Bobirwa has dramatically changed as villagers try to survive alongside a crocodile-infested Motloutse River.

Several thousand crocodiles are suspected to be in the river. Recent floods caused Limpopo River, whose raging waters brought along congregations of crocodile, to overflow. 

At the same time, Motloutse, which flows from the Central District, was also overflowing so much that enough water remained within the receptacles of the rivers at Talana farm, where the two meet. Talana Farm is 20km from Motlhabaneng. 

Now the crocodiles, believed to have swam from Limpopo River into Motloutse, have started preying on the villagers' livestock. So far goats, sheep, cattle, donkeys and even dogs have disappeared under the waters wherein the reptiles lurk. Residents are worried the crocodiles would soon kill and eat humans.

 “We fear for our lives, especially our children who play at the river,” said Botsuri Kololo, who described the situation as one needing immediate intervention.

Mr Kololo accused the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) of failure to remove the crocodiles from what he said was a shallow river. All that the DWNP officers ever did was come to the sight and go for good, he said.

He said even more worrisome was the fact the crocodiles had now swam into Motloutse River, which due to its seasonal flow, was not habitable by crocodiles, but provided temporary habitation for a float of crocodiles that were carried into it by an overflowing Limpopo River.

Mr Alpheous Mazebedi said in a bid to prevent a situation where humans became prey, the village leadership had warned people to keep away from the river. Efforts to get a comment from the department of wildlife in Bobonong proved futile as the officers said they did not have permission to grant an interview.

Bobirwa Sub-district Council chairperson, Mr Ishmael Legwaila said in an interview that the crocodiles were washed away from a Ratho Crocodile Farm in South Africa. Mr Legwaila said the owner claimed that about 18 000 crocodiles had escaped into Motluotse and Limpopo rivers.

Mr Legwaila however said the crocodiles were property of Botswana government by virtue of being found in Botswana’s waters and that there might be need for South Africa and Botswana to deliberate over the issue with a view to finding a solution.

Meanwhile, DWNP in Bobonongs issued a public notice to residents of Lentswelemoriti, Motlhabaneng and nearby settlements to be extra vigilant when traversing Motloutse River. The notice indicated that some crocodiles had been found in the river and people should avoid swimming.

It also urged farmers to report any attack on animals to the department. BOPA was unable to reach Ratho Crocodile Farm at press time. ENDS

Source : BOPA

Author : Goratileone Kgwadu

Location : BOBONONG

Event : interview

Date : Feb 28 Thu,2013


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