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Basarwa not forced to relocate

A a total of 1259 Basarwa were relocated to New Xade and were all compensated for relocation of their property After extensive consultations, Parliament heard on July 8.

Responding to a Parliamentary question, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr Peter Siele said that all those who were relocated were compensated in 1997 and 2002 with a total compensation cost of over P2 million, as well as compensated with livestock at a cost of P1 098 350.

Mr Siele added that such compensations were considered adequate since they were preceded by an assessment of the value of the properties in question.

The minister also told Parliament that he was not aware of any unhappiness registered by residents of New Xade with either the district leadership of the ministry, neither was he aware of any Basarwa who were forced to relocate to New Xade.

“Entry into the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is governed by relevant laws which are being applied. Only the applicants in the 2006 case are allowed to live in the CKGR,” he said.

Mr Siele was responding to a question by the Member of Parliament for Selebi-Phikwe West, Mr Gilson Saleshando who wanted to know how many Basarwa were forced to relocate to New Xade, if they were compensated for land rights and when they were compensated.

Mr Saleshando also asked if they were adequately compensated and whether those who were unhappy at New Xade could be allowed to go back to the CKGR.  ENDS

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