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Round three of the Botswana Motor Sport national motocross continued over the weekend at Dumela Track with Brad Pieterse taking first position in the MX 1 category accumulating 75 points.

James Morris came second with 66 points. 

The race was sponsored by Muddy Face Events, an off-road biking events company based in Botswana.

As an extra to the event, Muddy Face also arranged a full training programme on October 22 where local riders gained experience from British Motocross champion, Damon Strydom.

Going into the race a tough contest was expected from current leaders of the BMS national championship in Tristan Berrie PW 50, MX 50 Nathan Berrie, Seth Meyer MX 65, Kosmas Mamaloukos MX 85, Brady Armstrong MX 125, Lola Berrie WMX, Brad Pieterse VMX, Douglas Morris MX 2 and Robert Pollock in the MX 1 category.

The closely contested championship is always in the MX 2 class where Morris, Tyler January and Mark-Carr-Hartley always battle it out whenever they meet.

“This has always been a very exciting class, and normally provides the most entertainment and close racing,” said Lola Berrie, chairperson of Lobelo Racing Club. 

Another competitive class was the MX 1, the premier class of motocross racing.

According to Berrie, the LRC committee worked hard to put the event on, with days of track preparation, ensuring that it was ready for the race and safe for all riders.

She also mentioned that their biggest challenge for hosting MX races at this time of the year was water, however, she explained that they have managed to make plans to ensure the track was watered well before and during the race.

During the October 21 event, Douglas Morris took first position in the MX 2, followed by Francois Jacobs, Boineelo Rantao and Mark Carr-Hartley.

In the VMX, Pieterse took first position, followed by Owen Clulow and Ken Pieterse respectively. 

In the women's category, Janine Du Toit took position one with Lola Berrie coming second.

The MX 125 was won by Teto Chibana followed by Theo Barwise while Mamaloukos took the MX 85. 

In the PW 50 Tristan Berrie came first while Nathan Berrie took the MX 50 category followed by Davis and Nathan Pieterse respectively. 

The race was sponsored by Skip Hire, Nashua Botswana, Afrimatrix, One Stop Hire and the main sponsor was Muddy Face Events. ENDS

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