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Plans are underway to return Morupule A power station to service by 2016 with a life span of 20 years.

While Morupule A output assisted in meeting electricity demand, it was not reliable enough to be included in the BPC plan, with the shortfall met through expensive imports as such, Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) switched off the plant.

After 27 years of service without further investment on a midlife rehabilitation, the power station’s performance deteriorated hence it was operating with a sent out capacity of 20MW.

The corporation’s spokesperson, Mr Spencer Moreri said in an interview that the project commenced in October 2013 with the appointment of the owner’s engineer financial advisors and legal advisors to provide engineering, financial and legal services for the project to help the corporation undertake the refurbishment.

The project entails the replacement and refurbishment of the aged equipment as necessary to restore the power station to its design capacity of 132 MW gross outputs.

The status of the project is that BPC is at a tender stage for the procurement of a contractor to execute the refurbishment works with the expectation to appoint the contractor by end of January 2015.

The refurbishment works are expected to be completed by 2016. On the other hand Morupule Coal Mine (MCM) is in the process of undertaking another expansion for the construction of the 300MW Morupule C.

The expansion follows the successful completion of the expansion carried out to supply coal for the 600MW coal fired Morupule B power station.

It will entail the establishment of an open cast mine which will among others assist in the supply of coal to the country’s upcoming brownfield power station, Morupule C power which will require additional coal from MCM.

The proposed Morupule C project is going to be set up by an Independent Power Producer who has not been identified yet. The successful bidder will enter into a Power Purchase

Agreements with the Botswana Power Corporation outlining the tariff charge for power produced over the duration of the contract. Ends

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