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Mokaila commends Karowe mine for innovation

Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, Mr Kitso Mokaila says smaller mines can be more efficient than bigger ones.

That, Minister Mokaila said was because Karowe Diamond mine had applied more innovative strategies in terms of the technology and the mining processes they use which are subsequent to efficiency in production and high mining standards, hence a commendable effort.

The minister toured Karowe Diamond mine on Thursday, September 18 to appreciate and understand the mine’s operations as well as challenges it experienced.

Mr Mokaila stated that Karowe Diamond mine produced large stones which were over 50 carat with exceptional quantity hence its uniqueness from other mines.

“They have the right personnel and have identified the right technology,” he said.

The minister also explained that even though the number of expatriates at the mine was low, there was no company that could operate with 100 per cent citizen personnel because there was need to bring in investors.

The mine processes manager, Mr Maketo John said they would be using X- Ray Transmission (XRT) machine which identifies the diamond’s carbon atomic number as a means of identification and hence selection. The machine is supplied by a German company called TOMRA.

Mr John stated that they would be implementing the technology that other industries have not employed before and the technology would be fully integrated by this week.

That, he added would give them a minimum of 98 per cent efficiency of diamond recovery.

Meanwhile, XRT replaces Dense Media Separation (DMS) technology which is used to pick a stone from non-diamonds stones. ENDS

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