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Job Opportunity for Drector - Project & Infrastructure Planning

Post Title : Drector - Project & Infrastructure Planning
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Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for the below mentioned posts in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development- Gaborone.


CODE: 230600038.1.1

SALARY SCALE: E1 salary scale (P 425, 376.00 – P 442,584.00) per annum


LEAVE:            30 Working days per annum.

BENEFITS:      i) Optional contributory medical aid (government pay 50% and employee 50%)

ii) Contributory pension scheme (Government contributes 15% and employee 5%)

iii) Scarce Skills Allowance at applicable rate of basic salary as long as it is applicable



•          Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Building, or Professional degree in Architecture recognised under the relevant legal registration Acts of the various professions within the construction sector.

•          Should have registered with a recognized local Professional Regulatory Body.


EXPERIENCE: At least twelve (12) years’ experience, two (2) of which should have been served at Deputy Director (E2) level in a project management related environment and should have demonstrated thorough knowledge and experience of project management  and project control techniques.


 The incumbent should also have demonstrated exceptional administrative and managerial competencies.



•          To manage the pre – contract stage of government construction and maintenance projects to ensure the delivery of pre-design services, development of designs and procurement and management of Contractors and Consultants to ascertain compliance with the industry policies, procedures and standards.


TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 24-36 Months Contract.



•          Provide a few statistics applicable to the job which best describe its size or effect on the business.  State figures on an annual basis.  Include such items as budgets, payroll, revenue, other Pula amounts or pertinent items the position impacts.

•          Manages provision of professional advice to government Ministries and Departments on pre – contract policies, processes, procedures and standards

•          Manages the establishment and sustenance of strategic partnerships with all stakeholders.

•          Manages provision of technical advice to stakeholders on matters pertaining to project planning, design and procurement of service providers (Contractors and Consultants).

•          Manages resolution of disputes emanating from tendering processes and contractual lapses.

•          Manages interpretation of legislation relating to pre design services in infrastructure projects (feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment studies, geotechnical surveys, topographical Surveys etc);

•          Guides research and development of policies related to pre design services of infrastructure projects.

•          Manages the implementation of strategies that facilitate smooth undertaking of site suitability assessment in line with relevant legislation.

•          Manages the assessment of construction sites to determine their suitability for projects (availability and adequacy of services – water and sanitation infrastructure, electricity, access roads etc.).

•          Manages the preparation of initial project cost estimate on the basis of the final project design brief.

•          Guides the monitoring and evaluation of project planning processes, procedures and standards.

•          Confirms budget of approved projects for implementation from Line Ministries.

•          Manages the packaging of projects as prescribed by government economic and citizen empowerment initiatives (EDD, CEE).

•          Manages resolution of complaints arising from pre design activities of government construction projects and related infrastructure.

•          Manages the interpretation of legislation relating to the design services in infrastructure projects to the client and stakeholders.

•          Directs the engagement of relevant stakeholders in the design of government facilities.

•          Guides on the research and development of policies related to project design and documentation.

•          Manages approval of designs for government buildings.

•          Manages the submission of draft Invitation to Tender (ITT) for procurement of service providers to Tendering and Contracts Division.

•          Manages procurement of service providers (Consultants and Contractors) engaged to deliver infrastructure projects.

•          Screens selected service providers and recommends appointment of suitable ones for the development and management of government facilities.

•          Directs the preparation and management of contracts between the ministry, service providers and clients.

•          Manages the engagement of relevant stakeholders in the tendering process and contract management.

•          Guides research and development of policies related to procurement of service providers.

•          Attends to and resolves all staff welfare issues for improved service delivery.

•          Coordinates the preparation of financial and manpower budget estimates.

•          Prepare financial and manpower budget estimates.

•          Monitors utilization of funds and adherence to financial guidelines

•          Approves payments

•          Networks and shares information with other professionals.

•          Subscribes and affiliates to national and or international professional bodies to comply with  legal and or professional recognition requirements;

•          Undertakes continuous professional development

•          Shares information, knowledge and experiences with staff to ensure that they remain abreast with developments in the project management field.

•          Mentors and coaches junior officers

•          Identifies development needs of supervisees and recommends appropriate training.

•          Undertakes any other related duties as may be assigned by Management.



•          Mastering Complexity

•          Analytical And Strategic Thinking

•          Deciding And Initiating Action

•          Engagement

•          Teamwork And Partnering

•          Communicating Effectively

•          Drive For Results

•          Planning And Execution

•          Supervision And Accountability

•          Innovating And Driving Change

•          Focusing On Customers

•          Delivering Quality Services



Quote the Vacancy Circular number and give the following details:

a)        Full name, address and place of birth

b)        Brief summary of career with duties (Curriculum Vitae)

c)         Certified copies of certificates together with their transcripts

d)        Certified copy of National Identity Card

e)        Submit at least two (2) recent (not more than six (6) months old work related reference confirming the required experience (please include contact details).

f)         In case of serving Public officers, (i) Date of first appointment, (ii) Present Post and date of appointment thereto.

g)        In case of candidates from parastatals and private sector organizations, provide a statement of salary pay.


All applications should be addressed to:

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development, Private Bag 007, Gaborone or hand delivered to the Ministry Headquarters at Fairgrounds Office Park Plot 61923, 1st Floor, Records Management Unit office 104.


NB: In case of candidates serving in the public service, applications should be routed through their supervisors and Heads of Departments. Applications not so routed will not be considered.


Applicants who do not meet minimum requirements stipulated above will not be responded to.


CLOSING DATE: 10 AUGUST 2020 at 1630hrs.


For further information, please contact Recruitment office at 3958500


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