Sunday Dec 21,2014
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Ignoring liquor operating hours offence

Letlhakeng Sub-district Council bye-law officer, Mr Ramokhutshwane Metsiapula, has threatened action against operators who disregard ...

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Mohawk takes backseat, long way to freedom reigns

Mohawk takes backseat, long way to freedom reigns
It is common during this time of the year to see trendy styles in different ...

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Lenaneo le ntsha maungo

Banana bangwe ba supa fa dithuso tse ba di fiwang ke ba lephata la banana ...

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October issue Pampiri...
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Two men get six strokes each

Francistown principal magistrate, Mr Thebeetsile Mulalu has sentenced two Zimbabwean men to a suspended 18...

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New BPL chairperson vows to crack whip

New BPL chairperson vows to crack whip

American football player, Vincent Thomas “Vince” Lombardi once said “leaders are made, they are not ...

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MENCARE e ruta ka kgodiso ya ngwana

Motsamaisa mokgatlho wa Men Care o o rotloediwang ke ba Stepping Stones International, Rre Salani...

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Will you be going on holiday this December?

Yes, I can't wait
Only if you call visiting relatives going on holiday
I'll be working

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